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Helbako's centre for system design, ardware development, software development and product validation

Some 60 employees work in our development centre using agile project management software.
Divided into four areas of competence they work directly with our production plant, a network of external partners and our Romanian development plant in Timisoara, providing services according to customer requirements:

  • Complete product development from draft to validated ready-for-series production stage
  • Industrial production from prototype to validated ready-for-series production stage
  • Development of prototypes and production of samples
  • Acquisition of system design, hardware development, software development and validation work packages.

Hardware development

Our hardware developers combine competence in electrical technology with automobile electronics

We design all hardware components including housings and connectors. Electronic design, mechanical design and manufacturing preparation work are done hand in hand.

Competences, processes and development tools

  • Development of hardware for automotive applications
  • Control of actuators (motors, pumps, valves, piezo sounders, ...)
  • Evaluation of sensors (linear encoders, hall, inductive, capacitive, transponders, ...)
  • The use of standardised HW modules (circuit, layout, calculations, simulation, FMEA)
  • Statistical circuit simulation (MicroCap)
  • Heat management: simulation models (static, dynamic), IR camera
  • EMV and temperature-optimised PCB layout
  • Safety-compliant circuit design up to ASIL C
  • Fault tree analysis and FMEA (SCIO) as well as FMEDA for design protection
  • ASIC development with partners
  • Competence in assembling and connection technologies
  • Internally developed housing and connector designs (Catia V5)

Software development

Our software developers combine competence in it with automobile electronics

A team of expert engineers manages the development of client-specific software for embedded systems right up to series production, hand in hand with hardware development and product validation. Following this, the team also supports system integration for clients.

Competences, processes and development tools

  • Development of embedded software for automotive applications with selected 8, 16 and 32 bit architectures
  • Use of operating systems
  • Extensive know-how about the connection to automotive bus systems
  • Mastering of common automotive diagnostic communication standards
  • Use of standardised software modules with a high degree of maturity
  • Model-based software development with Matlab/Simulink/Stateflow
  • Coding and automated quality assurance on the basis of industry standards
  • Automated implementation of software tests

Member of AUTOSAR
Helbako is an AUTOSAR Associate Member and implements AUTOSAR in serial production.

Product validation

Our testers address even the smallest errors

Our engineers have mastered the challenge of harmonising increasing quality demands with ever shorter development times. Our clients know this and relish it.

Competences and development tools

  • Checking the system functionality of modern control devices in a vehicle and in a simulated environment
  • Automated diagnostic tests with CAN and LIN systems
  • Performance of temperature and climate tests
  • Fully automatic test system for controlling and monitoring the test samples in environmental assessments
  • Own EMV laboratory for measuring interference emission and checking immunity in line with the standards of the European automobile industry:
    - Pulsed interferences
    - Conducted interferences
    - Radiation-based interferences
    - ESD
  • Checking compatibility with the vehicle energy system
  • Network of accredited laboratories for mechanical and chemical tests

The V-Model

The Helbako development process is based on the V-model, and since 2003 it has been consistently aligned and developed according to Automotive SPICE. Since 2004 the Helbako development process has been the basis for all our development projects. With this, our clients are guaranteed the highest level of efficiency and quality:

  • The Helbako development process meets the strict requirements of SPICE Level 3 at a high level; the maturity level was confirmed by an external assessment.
  • Integration of process requirements according to ISO 26262 for the development of control units with functional safety requirements.
  • Integration of external service providers in the Helbako development process including data exchange via our portal
  • Definition of all phases, roles, documents and methods

Professional project planning

Tool-basiertes Projektmanagement und Anwendung der agiler Methodik in allen Entwicklungsprojekten

We use the project management software PSNext (from the company Sciforma GmbH) in the planning, management and analysis of projects. The software allows for detailed project tracking and monitoring progress with the active involvement of the project team members. It also provides support in mid-to-long term resource planning in multi-project contexts. Since PSNext is entirely web-based, all relevant data can be viewed and edited in real time, regardless of location.

Since 2015, our interdisciplinary teams made up of experts have been heading up development projects in multinational firms across all locations. We develop solutions using agile project management software like Scrum and Kanban, which are supported by digital cloud-based tools. Skilled Scrum masters head up the teams and support project managers and team members in the high-performance execution of their goals.