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MMXX – the Roman numerals for the year 2020 – is the guiding principle we have adopted for our long-term objectives. We want to be as successful in the future as we have been in the past. We have therefore defined our mission, developed visions and formulated conventions. Our rules of discussion are a simple example of how fundamental values lead to concrete implementation rules that are maintained everyday on the job.
And that creates a company culture guided by living values..


  • Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Team orientation
  • Flexibility
  • Social responsibility
  • Quality
  • Professionalism


Each of us has a bound copy of these guiding principles; its title page is illustrated with an alarm clock. It stands for the time still left for us to achieve our aim, and for a future we don't want to sleep through. If you have something planned, set the alarm clock.

The How

Product, process and service quality at helbako

We define quality as the far-reaching goal of continually improving our products, work processes, services and working conditions – beyond meeting the requirements of our clients and IATF 16949. In doing so, we seek to increase efficiency and satisfaction, cut costs, prevent errors and conserve resources.

We aim to satisfy client-specific quality guidelines and norms through integrated processes which are always being developed. This includes, in particular, the following areas:

  • Tools-supported, interdisciplinary project management
  • Software and hardware development according to the V-model (Automotive SPICE)
  • Process development parallel to product development
  • Complete traceability of all manufacturing and testing processes
  • Selection and development of the suppliers with our Suppliers Management system DarWIN




In addition to this are our methods for improving quality of service which our customers benefit from in day-to-day project activities:

  • Competent contact partners
  • Short response times
  • Pro-active problem solving
  • Transparent organisation
  • Quick decision making

In addition to our environmental guidelines and personnel programme “We are Helbako”, we make use of strategic tools which ensure protection of the environment and the quality of our work. We also actively demand process quality, product quality, work quality and genuine commitment to the environment from our suppliers. After all, quality and social and ecological standards are not a question of location, but of approach.


Environmental and energy policy

Sustainable value creation is an important part of our corporate philosophy. We have set ourselves the goal of continuously reducing environmental pollution, avoiding environmental risks and consistently exploiting environmental opportunities. We continuously provide the resources necessary for these tasks. We are thus committed to constantly improving our energy performance and environmental performance.

With this in mind, we identify potential dangers and risks to the environment and monitor the environmental impact of our processes, products and services. In addition, we set environmental and energy targets, which we regularly review in order to achieve a continuous improvement in our energy performance and environmental performance. We take all necessary measures to protect the environment, prevent pollution, protect natural resources and conserve energy by means of appropriate procedures and processes.

For this reason, we strive to reduce the use of packaging materials and environmentally problematic materials in procurement, product development, manufacturing and logistics and to support the procurement of energy-efficient products and services.

We regard energy efficiency, economical use of water, reduction of emissions and waste avoidance as joint tasks. We therefore actively promote the concept that all employees, suppliers and partners take responsibility to work in partnership on the continuous improvement of the environmental and energy management system in order to increase energy performance and environmental performance.

In addition, we fulfil all legal requirements and other binding obligations of interested parties to obtain the status of a responsible company.


Worldwide responsibility: body, mind and environment

Success in business leads to an increase in responsibility. In the company's mission statement, Helbako identifies itself with social responsibility and defines its basic values. This gives rise to principles which remain unchallanged even as the company undergoes dynamic and global transitions.


Helbako conducts business globally in keeping with the company's entrepreneurial vision and core values, both as a manufacturer and as an employer. This means going beyond economic imperatives, individual interests or short-term profit perspectives.


To illustrate this point, we do not regard electronics for military purposes as being consistent with our company's principles. Our product policy is based on meaningful solutions that benefit people. Which explains why we generate more than half of our sales from innovative products that make cars more efficient and reduce emissions.


Tolerance toward different personal worldviews, gender equality and respect for the languages and cultures of our employees are all core commitments of ours. We emphatically demand the same from our business partners – even if the national legal framework in a given location does not extend to cover those values.


The health of all those affected by our business activities is a top priority at Helbako. The company also promotes occupational health measures, sponsors sports activities and invests in health education training.