HELBAKO Elektronik Heiligenhaus


Helbako unveils innovative concept at the IAA in conjunction with Röchling

Heiligenhaus-based Helbako GmbH received a positive response at the IAA International Motor Show. The specialist in automotive electronics unveiled a new development that is of huge interest to the “autonomous driving” trend.

Most driver assistance systems require sensors that reliably capture details of the vehicle’s environment during autonomous driving. This only works, however, if the sensors are free of dirt.
Helbako has developed an innovative system to efficiently clean the growing number of sensors in self-driving cars, which has attracted a good deal of interest from the sector.
An integrated version of this system was developed in conjunction with Helbako’s partner, the tank and plastics specialist Röchling Automotive, and unveiled at Röchling’s IAA stand.
“The positive feedback we received at the IAA has convinced us that we need to continue working on smart systems for the cars of the future,” affirms Bernd Kappes, member of the Board of Directors of Helbako GmbH.   
Thanks to Helbako’s integrated control system, the cleaning fluid is “intelligently” routed to dirty sensors and headlights as well as to the windscreen and rear window.  
Photo: Röchling
Smart sensor cleaning system for error-free evaluation of different driving situations.