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Methodical evaluation, selection and development of our suppliers

Supplier management system DARWIN

Charles Darwin‘s synthetic theory of evolution survival of the fittest serves as a model for our management system.

Since 2005 we have successfully used the supplier management program DARWIN which controls, documents, monitors and optimizes procurement quality.

What is the meaning of DARWIN concerning supplier management?

optimal part quality

    • spec-conform according to clients request
    • assure sustainability
    • efficient process design

    supply and quantity constancy

      • delivery according to the order and Helbako‘s shipping schedule (quantity and lead time)
      • continuity concerning the quantity and the delivery time of shipments to orders and shipping schedules
      • coordinated and agreed packaging sizes are kept

      efficient complaints handling

      • fast reaction
      • complete root cause analysis
      • effective damage minimization
      • prevention of extra work
      • effective corrective action
      • avoidance of repetitive mistakes

        Where is DARWIN applied in our supplier management?

        supplier strategy

          • create a win-win situation
          • innovational strength
          • high competence in development
          • Leadership in price and performance
          • tool making competence
          • liquidity and willingness to invest
          • improvement of productivity

          supplier qualification

            • supplier‘s self-application form
            • analysis of potential according to VDA 6.3
            • supplier approval process
            • process audit according to VDA 6.3

            supplier assessment

              • initiated complaints
              • ppm-relevant quantitiy based on initiated complaints
              • delivery according to lead time and delivery quantity

              supplier selection

                • price
                • quality
                • delivery time
                • certifications / qualifications
                • service and techn. support
                • Innovative logistic concepts
                • Support of Helbako´s international activities

                supplier development

                • assurance of delivery quality
                • increasing of added value
                • innovation by close cooperation
                • continuous improvement
                • assistance on problem solving e.g. technological questions