HELBAKO Elektronik Heiligenhaus

Helbako in dialogue with its suppliers

Welcome to Helbako's Purchasing Team

Imagine you would walk to the end of the universe, to the very, very edge… Would you be able to stretch your arm?

We believe, yes!

Life in the automotive supply world is not a  walk in the park, but you can meet lots of beasts baring their claws.


At all points our projects lead us to the threshold of pain – and even beyond.  But we´re gaming with enthusiasm. If prepared to accompany us long-term on such ways, new (and old) partners are very welcome!


but also hardship are pillars of relationships, one has to be able to rely on one another, a word is a word and a due date is a due date. Working together and celebrating together once the time has come.


Each chain is as strong as its weakest link; that´s why our team  is seeking continuous improvement with themselves and our external partners.  Or, as per a supposedly Indian saying: “ Everything turns out fine at the end, and if it has not yet turned out fine,  it is still not the end yet.”