HELBAKO Elektronik Heiligenhaus

Electronics for active and passive safety as well as auto theft protection

Security and surveillance

Helbako alarm siren

Alarm siren

for monitoring parked vehicles, with or without a self-sufficient energy supply

Helbako trailer module light

Trailer module light

for controlling and monitoring trailer tail lights

Helbako automatic child seat recognition

Automatic child seat recognition

for automatic deactivation of passenger airbags where a child seat is recognised and for determining the position of the child seat

Helbako hood elements monitoring

Hood ornament control

for protecting valuable hood ornaments through electrical extension and retraction 

Helbako headlight range control

Headlight range regulation

for electronic regulation of xenon headlights during acceleration, braking or loading

Helbako occupant sensors

Occupant sensors

for activating the airbag or other comfort functions with a recognised passenger, and for controlling the seat belt reminder function

Helbako roll bar control

Roll bar control

for automatic extension of the roll bar for convertibles in dangerous situations