HELBAKO Elektronik Heiligenhaus

Development according to the V-model

Helbako development process

The Helbako development process is based on the V-model, and since 2003 it has been consistently aligned and developed according to Automotive SPICE. Since 2004 the Helbako development process has been the basis for all our development projects. With this, our clients are guaranteed the highest level of efficiency and quality:

  • The Helbako development process meets the strict requirements of SPICE Level 3 at a high level; the maturity level was confirmed by an external assessment.
  • Requirements management with DOORS is implemented.
  • The Vector VT system is used for automation of the system tests.
  • Integration of external service providers in the Helbako development process including data exchange via our portal.
  • Definition of all phases, roles, documents and methods.
Helbako development process – phases, roles, methods, documents