HELBAKO Elektronik Heiligenhaus

Planning, development and management of test devices as part of quality assurance

Test devices

Testing and testing equipment at Helbako

Comprehensive test planning, development of own test devices and transparent test equipment management ensure consistent manufacturing quality based on standardised and client-specific quality norms.

Competences and processes

  • Permanent integration in all development and manufacturing processes
  • Uniform hardware and software platforms and network standards
  • Definition of generic and product-specific test concepts
  • Integration of client-specific requirements in standardised test systems
  • Test automotive bus systems
  • Path tests for efficient test procedures
  • Density measurement with pressure and vacuum testing
  • Acoustic measurement for alarm sirens
  • Own test system for Automatic Visual Inspection (AVI)
  • Design of handling machines
  • Connection to traceability and CAQ databases
  • Graphical development environment Labview
  • Securing with FMEA and MSA