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Build-to-print and EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) for the electronics industry

You develop - we produce

Contract manufacturing brochure

Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) is a rapidly growing segment in the electronics industry. Helbako is an excellent order producer and strategic partner in the domain of sophisticated electronics. Rigorously involved in quality management on behalf of our clients, we accomplish outsourced development and manufacturing processes just like an external site.

Process with contract manufacturing at Helbako

Process development

Secured manufacturing processes from the beginning: we consider your needs in terms of technology and process flow, test depth and efficiency including standard-compliant documentation of all test processes.

  • SMT / soldering technology
  • THT, press technology
  • Automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • Automated X-ray inspection (AXI)
  • In-Circuit Tests (ICT)
  • Run-in test (temperature chambers)
  • End-of-line tests (electricity, density, acoustics)
  • Visual inspection stations

Material management

During the procurement stage we draw on an international network of suppliers whose quality criteria are characterised by high demands. This ensures economical and traceable quality.

  • Supplier management
  • Strategic purchasing
  • International supplier selection
  • Traceability


With two high-output sites, we are your electronics supplier with capacities extending from small series up to mass production in the millions.

  • SMT
  • THT
  • Coatings
  • Housing assembly
  • Special processes
  • Test

Logistics and distribution

Supply plans according to your specifications, packaging in your design and worldwide distribution in your name: products that we produce for you are also products that we deliver to you, just as you – and your customers – want it. 

  • Customer-specific supply concepts
  • International distribution
  • Labels and packaging according to customers' specifications
  • ERP Integration
  • Customer-formatted documentation

After-sales service

As a medium-size provider, we also naturally perform all accompanying measures with a focus on commitment and responsibility. By doing this we extend your value chain, right up until the point of the satisfied client.

  • Complaint management with documented action tracking
  • Repair service
  • Re-designs
  • Quality data collection and documentation