HELBAKO Elektronik Heiligenhaus

Our testers address even the smallest errors

Product validation

Test and checking at Helbako

Our engineers have mastered the challenge of harmonising increasing quality demands with ever shorter development times. Our clients know this and relish it.

Competences and development tools

  • Checking the system functionality of modern control devices in a vehicle and in a simulated environment
  • Automated diagnostic tests with CAN and LIN systems
  • Performance of temperature and climate tests
  • Fully automatic test system for controlling and monitoring the test samples in environmental assessments
  • Own EMV laboratory for measuring interference emission and checking immunity in line with the standards of the European automobile industry:

    • Pulsed interferences
    • Conducted interferences
    • Radiation-based interferences
    • ESD

  • Checking compatibility with the vehicle energy system
  • Performance of sound pressure measurements
  • Network of accredited laboratories for mechanical and chemical tests