HELBAKO Elektronik Heiligenhaus

Our hardware developers combine competence in electrical technology with automobile electronics

Hardware development

Hardware development

We design all hardware components including housings and connectors. Electronic design, mechanical design and manufacturing preparation work are done hand in hand.

Competences, processes and development tools

  • Development of hardware for automotive applications
  • Control of actuators (motors, pumps, valves, piezo sounders, ...)
  • Evaluation of sensors (linear encoders, hall, inductive, capacitive, transponders, ...)
  • The use of standardised HW modules (circuit, layout, calculations, simulation, FMEA)
  • Statistical circuit simulation (MicroCap)
  • Heat management: simulation models (static, dynamic), IR camera
  • EMV and temperature-optimised PCB layout
  • Safety-compliant circuit design up to ASIL B
  • Fault tree analysis and FMEA (SCIO) as well as FMEDA for design protection
  • ASIC development with partners
  • Competence in assembling and connection technologies
  • Internally developed housing and connector designs (Catia V5)