HELBAKO Elektronik Heiligenhaus

Helbako’s Environmental Policy

Secure tomorrow, today

Sustainable value creation is a key element of our corporate philosophy. We have set ourselves the goals of continuously reducing our environmental impact, avoiding environmental risks, and seizing any environment-related opportunities that arise. We ensure that the resources required for these tasks are available on a continuous basis.

  1. We have set ourselves the goals of reducing our consumption of resources and minimizing our impact on the environment.
    In all of our processes, from purchasing to product development and manufacturing to logistics, we strive to keep our use of packaging materials and other environmentally harmful materials to a minimum. We regard energy efficiency, water-saving measures, the cutting of emissions, and waste avoidance as tasks that are incumbent on everybody.
  2. We have undertaken to comply with all existing internal and external environmental protection directives and guidelines.
    As an additional step, we have set ourselves the target of exceeding the requirements set out in environmental legislation and regulations. We believe that this will give us a significant competitive advantage, which we intend to maintain.
  3. We regard continuous improvement in the area of environmental protection as the duty of all Helbako employees.
    The sustainability of our company depends on the continuous monitoring and improvement of our performance in the areas of quality, the environment, and energy efficiency.
  4. Helbako’s Environmental Policy is accessible to all of our employees, suppliers, and customers as well as to external companies and the general public.
    Helbako’s Environmental Policy is part of our communication strategy, both internally and externally. It is also considered as an assessment criterion in our supplier management system.
    We support the environmentally responsible behaviour of our employees, suppliers, and partners, both in a professional and private capacity.