HELBAKO Elektronik Heiligenhaus

Worldwide responsibility: body, mind and environment

Success obligates

Success in business leads to an increase in responsibility. In the company's mission statement, Helbako identifies itself with social responsibility and defines its basic values. This gives rise to principles which remain unchallanged even as the company undergoes dynamic and global transitions.

Helbako conducts business globally in keeping with the company's entrepreneurial vision and core values, both as a manufacturer and as an employer. This means going beyond economic imperatives, individual interests or short-term profit perspectives.

To illustrate this point, we do not regard electronics for military purposes as being consistent with our company's principles. Our product policy is based on meaningful solutions that benefit people. Which explains why we generate more than half of our sales from innovative products that make cars more efficient and reduce emissions.

Tolerance toward different personal worldviews, gender equality and respect for the languages and cultures of our employees are all core commitments of ours. We emphatically demand the same from our business partners – even if the national legal framework in a given location does not extend to cover those values.

The health of all those affected by our business activities is a top priority at Helbako. The company also promotes occupational health measures, sponsors sports activities and invests in health education training.