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Product, process and service quality at Helbako

The how in quality

Helbako quality: the product of teamwork
ISO/TS 16949 Certificate for HelbakoHelbako quality: the product of teamwork
ISO/TS 16949 Certificate for Helbako

We define quality as the far-reaching goal of continually improving our products, work processes, services and working conditions â€“ beyond meeting the requirements of our clients and ISO/TS 16949. In doing so, we seek to increase efficiency and satisfaction, cut costs, prevent errors and conserve resources.

We aim to satisfy client-specific quality guidelines and norms through integrated processes which are always being developed. This includes, in particular, the following areas:

  • Tools-supported, interdisciplinary project management
  • Software and hardware development according to the V-model (Automotive SPICE)
  • Process development parallel to product development
  • Complete traceability of all manufacturing and testing processes
  • Selection and development of the suppliers with our Suppliers Management system DarWIN

In addition to this are our methods for improving quality of service which our customers benefit from in day-to-day project activities:

  • Competent contact partners
  • Short response times
  • Pro-active problem solving
  • Transparent organisation
  • Quick decision making

In addition to our environmental guidelines and personnel programme â€œWe are Helbako”, we make use of strategic tools which ensure protection of the environment and the quality of our work. We also actively demand process quality, product quality, work quality and genuine commitment to the environment from our suppliers. After all, quality and social and ecological standards are not a question of location, but of approach.