HELBAKO Elektronik Heiligenhaus

An automobile supplier with social values and principles

Team Spirit

Teamwork at Helbako

Team spirit is no accident. Every member of our staff must assume a high level of individual responsibility and team structures must be clearly defined. Both of these are critical to ensuring constructive collaboration between team members. Good cooperation between the various disciplines is a strength found in medium-sized companies and one we are eager to foster. This begins with employees just starting their careers, who do much more than simply our complete expert qualification programmes. And it continues through our management guidelines, helping to mould our 240 staff members into one powerful team.

Everyday principles

  • Practice honesty
  • Share common standards
  • Offer criticism in an appropriate and appreciative manner
  • Find solutions together
  • Reflect feedback appropriately
  • Grant mutual trust
  • Practice goal setting as a management tool
  • Promote self-regulation