HELBAKO Elektronik Heiligenhaus

Globally active automobile supplier headquartered in Heiligenhaus, Germany

Global Network

World class means working only with the best. Helbako not only delivers to European, American and Asian customers; we also do our purchasing and procurement through an international network. Helbako has four locations. 

Helbako Heiligenhaus

Heiligenhaus, Germany

Our headquarters are located in the middle of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, one of the biggest conurbations in Europe. This is where we started small, developed into a medium-sized company and invested big - our production and administration space comprises 12,500 m2 and includes our own development centre with a staff of 60. These facilities form the nexus of our excellence in electronics.

Helbako Munich

Munich, Germany

The Bavarian capital is the location of our Key Account Office for southern Germany. This branch office provides an ideal point of contact for our customers in the region, who benefit from close proximity and greater flexibility when arranging appointments. It also acts as a direct link with the head office in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Under construction: Helbako Shanghai, China

Ningbo, China

The joint venture of NBHX and HELBAKO is based in Ningbo, near Shanghai. This is where series products are created for our customers in the Asian region, such as Shanghai Volkswagen (SVW) and First Auto Work – Volkswagen (FAW-VW), as well as other local manufacturers. Over the medium term, a development centre is set to be built in addition to the modern production facilities.

Timisoara, Romania

Our range of activities has been complementing HELBAKO ELECTRONICA SR in Timisoara, a 100-percent subsidiary of HELBAKO GmbH, since 2015. In the field of electronics manufacturing SMD and THT, final assembly and final inspection, up to 1 million modules are produced here each year in a production space measuring 1,350 square metres. The expansion to become a development site begins in 2016.